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Transform Your Skin for Less with V Luxe Skin Memberships!

Unlock the Secrets of Advanced Skincare with V Luxe Skin Courses!


the premier destination for transformative corrective  treatments in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. With a passion for helping our clients achieve  their desired skin goals, we specialize in a wide range of innovative procedures that  address specific concerns and deliver remarkable results.  


V Luxe Skin, our founder and experienced esthetician, Tiffany C., is dedicated to  providing personalized care tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're looking to  rejuvenate your skin with revitalizing facials, enhance your skin's texture and tone with  microneedling and chemical peels, or indulge in intimate bleaching, waxing, or vajacials,  we have the expertise to deliver exceptional outcomes.  


We pride ourselves on utilizing the latest advancements in the industry, paired with top of-the-line products, to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. Our  commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the treatment room, as we strive to  create a welcoming and comfortable environment where you can relax and enjoy the  journey to radiant skin. Discover the transformative power of our corrective treatments  at V Luxe Skin today and unlock your true beauty potential. 

As an esthetician that Specializes in Corrective Skincare Treatments years of  experience, my mission is to empower individuals to feel confident and comfortable in  their own skin. I believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident,  regardless of age, gender, or body type. My goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive  environment where clients can receive top-quality facial & body services while feeling  comfortable and supported throughout the process. 


Welcome to V Luxe Skin! I'm Tiffany Counts, a licensed esthetician with a passion for  skincare and helping others achieve their best complexion. My journey in the world of skincare began when I faced my own battles with persistent acne and  hyperpigmentation. Frustrated by the lack of effective solutions, I embarked on a  mission to not only heal my own skin but also to empower others facing similar  challenges.  


Since becoming licensed in 2019, I have honed my expertise in corrective treatments,  leveraging the latest advancements in skincare technology and techniques. My goal is  to provide you with tailored solutions that address your unique skincare concerns and  help you regain confidence in your skin's natural beauty. With a strong commitment to  ongoing education and a deep understanding of the emotional toll that skin issues can take, I'm dedicated to helping you achieve the radiant, healthy complexion you deserve.  Let's embark on this skincare journey together, and I look forward to helping you look  and feel your best.


Meet The

Tiffany the owner of V Luxe Skin



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